Acne is rough… when your 30. Ugh.


So I started my Rodan + Fields business without even trying the products. I know, right. How can you sell something you haven’t even used. Well I knew two things… when the two most reputable dermatologists who already succeeded in creating the bMichaela Unblemish Before & Afteriggest acne brand on the market (Proactiv) ask you to join them in business… you don’t say no. And second, my mom had been using one of their regimens for a couple of weeks and was seeing pretty fantastic results.

But anyway, acne… rough. Let’s get back to my skin. So I was almost 30 and had been breaking out badly since the start of my first pregnancy. It had been going for almost 2 years at that point. I felt so uncomfortable. Whenever I talked to someone I had my hand over my chin to hide my breakouts. I was a confident woman and this acne made me want to crawl in a hole!

So the fact that I could get great skin and maybe end up with a pretty good business along with it really appealed to me. And if this worked…. well, I would be super pumped to share it with others so I could help them too.

As soon as my Rodan + Fields products arrived, I jumped in on the Unblemish Regimen for acne. Within six days I was seeing the swollen redness go down and could just ‘feel’ things happening with my skin. After 6 weeks I was almost all cleared up.

And as a bonus to my acne being gone… my skin texture and tone was iIMG_7384mproving as well. A definitely plus for a woman in her 30s.
I have now been acne free for almost four years and have had two more kids and didn’t get a stitch of breakouts through either of those pregnancies (or the stress of a house with three kids either! haha!)

You’ve seen my before and after results and how they have not only changed my skin but my confidence as well. I hope our products can do the same for so many others like me!

If you want to get your hands (and face!) on Unblemish shoot me a message via my contact page on the blog or at


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