Husbands and your success


It’s Father’s Day. How can I not write about my husband and father to our three kids. He’s pretty much the best any way you slice it. But this is a blog about my business so I will spare you all the things I love about him and share just one.

IMG_7291He is unwavering in his support of me in this direct sales business.

Husbands are hard to crack. I’ve seen many great women fail in this business or not even start for that matter, because of their husband. We like to think we are strong, independent women who can do it all… and we are. But, in reality, we also very much so need the support of our spouse

When I brought up to my husband one evening that I was thinking about doing this business I was nervous. It was totally out of our box. But his initial response was “tell me about it.” (You can listen to his view point here) That is the best thing a husband can do. Ask. Get more info. Get her opinion. Find out why she wants this business.

My hubby listened. And asked questions. And listened some more. Did he know anything about skin care. No. Did he know anything about the direct sales industry. No. Did he no anything about the anti-aging business climate. No. But what he did know was that this was important to me and I really wanted it. And that was all he needed. We talked it though, made a decision together, and he was behind me. Of course he had the caveat that I needed to make my initial investment back in two months. We weren’t rollin’ in the dough, so I couldn’t lose money on this deal! Typical hubby.

IMG_6602That was almost four years ago. Since then, not only has he continue to show unwavering support for me in Rodan + Fields, but he has jumped in the R+F water as well. Is he swimming in the deep end? Not yet, but he gets wet. He shares it with everyone he meets and does so with excitement. He even came to one of my events and presented, sharing Rodan + Fields from a spouses point of view. He has seen first hand what this business is doing for our family, our retirement, our kids college funds, our security, our giving, and for my success. This business is becoming not just mine but ours.

So, this Father’s Day I am thankful for this man that raises our children, puts food on our table, keeps us safe and happy, and who supports me 100% in this business. If I didn’t have that support I would have been one of the many who quit too soon. And likely, probably wouldn’t have even started.

So to the husbands out there… listen, talk, ask. Your support in this business is critical in our success. And we thank you for it!

~ Michaela

PS: Did I mention my hubby is a mechanical engineer? He has a very different brain than I do. I love that about him for many reason, but when it comes to Rodan + Fields, it is great to hear his perspective on how this company can work. He made this audio for me a couple of years ago sharing his view of Rodan + Fields.

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