Are you making a smart investment?



I’m an investor. Instead of buying a car or a college futon, I took my high school graduation cash and walked into an Edward Jones Investments office. Yeah, I’m pretty Type A and practical. πŸ™‚

I know the power long term investments can hold. Making a smart investment move today can really make a big impact later. A home, retirement, college for your kids. So what is a smart investment now days?

IMG_6839Well, we’ve put much of our savings into IRA’s and 401Ks and the likes. But when investing in Rodan + Fields came up, I realized it was different. It wasn’t giving money to a financial advisor and hoping he made the right decision. It was investing in ME. My skills, my talent, my dedication and drive, and most importantly my desire and dream to help my family for our long term future. Really, the safest bet you can ever make is in yourself, isn’t it?

In my Rodan + Fields business, I didn’t have to put my money someplace and hope for the best. I had the opportunity to invest my time and energy into a business that gave me the tools and products and business plan to really excel. I was in control of how much I wanted to grow. Remember how I mentioned I was Type A personality? Well, then this was right up my alley!

Now, I trusted myself and my work ethic and new I had what it took to grow this business, but I also needed a really high-quality company to be a part of. Rodan + Fields was definitely the right choice.

One of the smartest investments you can make is in something that isn’t always noticed by others. Doing your research. Knowing the trends. Seeing the growth potential. And finding a really high caliber, ethical company in a growing industry.

“There are few investors in the beauty space β€” an industry that, despite consistent strong performance and enormous potential, has been vastly overlooked,” said Harvard Business School Professor Geoffrey Jones in an article for

The article also shares that lack of understanding and the view that there’s a certain β€˜fluffiness,’ for lack of a better word, about the beauty industry completely misses the fact that this is an incredibly fast-growing industry with plenty of opportunity β€” one that is highly innovative, demands high marketing skills and a high degree of creativity.

So, this growing international beauty industry and my ability to use my own work ethic and skills to be a part of it, really helped me feel comfortable and excited about the opportunity to be involved. And, it also helped diversify our investment portfolio. Not only did we have the traditional 401k and IRAs and such, but now had an investment that created residual income for us and one that we could grow on our own terms.

If you are looking for an investment run by you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to share what I’ve learned in this journey with Rodan + Fields skin care.

~ Michaela

PS: Want to see some the thing thing my teammates and I are using our investment for? Gosh, this just inspires me daily to watch!

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