Being a WAHM is hard


I’m a WAHM. Work at home mom. I truly love it. But it’s tough some days. Many days. Actually being a mom in general is hard. I’ve been a working mom, a stay at home mom, and a work at home mom. All… hard.

IMG_0081But today in particular I’m having a tough time as a WAHM. My fellow moms… can you feel me?

Guilt: guilt of saying “no I can’t play right now, I need to get this work done.”
Frustration: needing and wanting to grow by business fast and furious but only having an hour of nap time to concentrate on it.

Frazzled: messages dinging at me needing to be answered, kids wanting a snack, baby wanting out of his bouncer, washer buzzing…. aaaahhh!

Joy: I get to spend today with my kids… kissing owies, laughing at the funny things they say, bonding with my baby boy

Sadness: missing the feeling of accomplishment of a full work day filled with productivity and respect and success

Pressure: running a business that your families future dreams are riding on

Peace: getting a moment to just sit on the couch and read with my kiddos and make smiley faces at my baby

Freedom: being able to answer a business text while cooking lunch and running my business in the nooks and crannies of my day

How can a person feel all these emotions all in one day? All in one hour?! Well, a mom can. And I am that mom today. My head and heart can’t squeeze in one more feeling. It just may burst!

So, I’m letting these feelings out on my blog. I hope there are other WAHMS that can relate.Β  It’s hard sometimes. But it is what we chose, and what we love, and what we want. And it’s okay to have days like these. No matter what your job and where you do it at. We are all doing our best to be the best. And we are winning at it.

Cheers to all the hard working mommas and daddies out there making great lives for you and your kids!

12 thoughts on “Being a WAHM is hard

  1. Still trying to figure out how to work “work” in and make time for baby fun and house stuff. The only way I figure I could make it work was create more hours in my day so I’m trying to stay up an hour later and get up an hour earlier. So far I’ve accomplished one or the other.


    • Right??!! Even just a 25 hour day would help! πŸ™‚ That is one of my goals for 2017. Get up before the kids a few days a week to work or even just to have some time to myself to get ready for the day before the bustle! Are you doing a job that is residual income based?


      • I’ve had a costume making business and boutique for the past 12 years. Just closed it this year so I’d have more Mom time. Trying to figure out how to keep something on a smaller scale going on the side to bring in a little extra money and still get to do what I love. But I love being a mom more than anything πŸ™‚ The business stuff will always be there when I can get back to it, but the baby time is going to go by fast!

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