Be You – Quote to Remember


Beauty-Begins-the-Moment-You-Decide-to-Be-YourselfMy fellow blogger Elize About Beauty nominated me to post one of my favorite quotes.

I have a few, but being that this blog focuses on my business in the beauty industry, I choose this favorite from Coco Chanel.

I love it for two reasons. First, with my company Rodan + Fields, we want our skin care to help women feel like they can shed their foundation and makeup and go out into the world as their true selves. We give the gift of confidence and self-esteem in your appearance. We want you to love being you!

The second reason I love this quote is that being yourself is my number one mantra when I coach my R+F teammates. We share our products and our business with so many people. Those people don’t want to hear what someone told you to say. They don’t want to know how R+F helped someone else’s skin. They don’t want to support another random person in their R+F business. They want to talk with YOU about R+F. All of you. They want to hear YOUR story, YOUR message, YOUR skin care journey. They want to support YOU and your dreams.

In this business, the second you stop being yourself, sounding like you, acting like you, talking to people like you would normally talk to them whether it is about R+F skin care or the weather, people turn away from you. Sure, in sales we learn a lot about how to share our products with others… the best way to describe them, to teach them, to respond to questions others ask. But always, ALWAYS I encourage my team to first and foremost… BE YOU. Being authentic and genuine and honest will get you more customers and business partners than any sales technique ever will.

Thank you Elize for the nomination. Kuddos to all my teammates and fellow direct sales business men and woman who are staying true to yourself and showing your real beauty. We love you for it!

~ Michaela


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