Freedom – what is yours?


Freedom… coming off the 4th of July holiday, that is definitely a subject on most peoples’ minds and hearts. Mine included. One of the freedoms I am very thankful for lately is the freedom of time.

Time is the one thing we can never get more of. It’s finite. When we spend it, it’s gone! GONE! Forever. So on my mind lately is the question… Am I spending it in the best way possible?

Before I started in Rodan + Fields on my direct sales journey, both my husband and my time was spent in this way each day….

8 hours sleeping
9 hours at my job

That left only 7 hours a day of time I could choose what to do with. JUST 7 HOURS!!

Well, 1 of that was probably preparing and eating meals. Another was on self care… showers, getting ready for work, etc. Another was on commuting. Okay, we are down to 4 hours now. Another 2 was on household chores… lawn, laundry, cleaning, errands, those types of things.

Ahhh… TWO! Just TWO hours left to enjoy some freedom to do what I want for myself. Even now just thinking of that I feel a ton of pressure to use it wisely! So…. ummm… I watched TV.

What?! Yep, isn’t that what most of us do in the evening? Plant ourselves in front of our latest TV binge… Orange Is The New Black, The Office, Mad Men…

When I look back on that time in my life, I was happy. I loved my job. It was just me and my husband so we did chores together, snuggled on the couch and watched our favorite shows. We got in quality time while we filled our hours. But, just two hours of freedom? Freedom to really choose what I wanted to do? That is not enough! How were we supposed to do anything exciting, adventurous, or even just different and new?

And now… well, now… introduce three kids into the picture. That’s just two hours a day to spend focused time with them. Then where do we squeeze in us? Time for things that we enjoy.

Ug! I’m stressed out just writing this.13590265_10153912974541713_2685701697166730481_n

But isn’t this just life? Isn’t this just how things are. You do your work, spend your time working for others, making a living, then have two hours a day to make a life. I kind of want to cry.

Then in walked Rodan + Fields.

At first when I started this new venture, I was in it just for the extra income. A few extra hundred bucks a month would be really great. But as I grew, I realized there was a commodity more valuable to me that I could get from this business… TIME.

I couldn’t get any more of it, but I could start replacing my hours spent working, doing chores, etc with things that I loved… time with my kids, my husband, writing, vacations (even if they were just an afternoon trip to the zoo on a Tuesday!)

This business could allow me or my husband to cut our 9 hours a day working down to 2. Allow me to get the household tasks done during those typical work hours so that when he gets home from work we can just play, go for walks, head to lake early, whatever! It could allow our weekends to be filled with fun family time instead of playing catch up on work and errands.

Now I’m getting excited!!

IMG_7408.jpgSo, that was almost 4 years ago. Today, instead of planning my family time and me time around work, I plan my work around my family time. We are making plans for in the next 2-3 years to bring my husband home from a 50+ hour a week job to a less than 20 hour a week job. We want to spend our days working smarter in less hours and earn more income rather than spending our days working more hours for the same income and missing out on what matters most to us.

This is time freedom. A freedom I am so thankful for every day. Thank you Rodan + Fields and the direct sales industry for giving me this freedom!

And thank you to all who have fought so hard in so many ways for all the freedoms we as Americans enjoy every day. We are truly blessed!


PS: If you want to chat more about time freedom and if Rodan + Fields or direct sales is maybe the right fit for you and your family, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to share and help! Because everyone deserves the freedom they want for themselves.

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