Naked day was a success!


So, last Friday was dubbed RFGoNaked day. Rodan + Fields and consultants like me challenged everyone to post a selfie without any make-up. And boy did people respond!


Thank you to all of my 34 of my friends who completed the challenge and bared all on social media on Friday. Not only did you raise $340 for BuildOn ($5 for each selfie from R+F and a matching donation from me), you did something even more powerful and long lasting. You inspired people to show who they really are. You were brave enough to not care what people might think or say, to be proud of your appearance, to be true to yourself.

In today’s world of highest standards of perfection of what people should look like modeled to us on television and in magazines and so on, me along with so many others likely feel unworthy. We can’t meet that perfection… which isn’t even perfection at all but 13626335_10101880573457805_7665553009987770108_nphotoshop. These images set an example for others, especially young adults, on what beauty is and what the ideal person looks like. But in reality, there is no ideal. We are all ourselves. We may have bags under our eyes, but we have three beautiful children who gave them too us when we rocked them to sleep again at 3am. We may have a scar from an injury that we fought to heal. We may have freckles that show our love for the outdoors and maybe a few missed sunscreen applications. We may have acne from a hormone shift from the baby growing in our bellies. But this is us. And instead of covering it up, putting on a face coat, on Friday we bared all. We bared who we are.

And do you know what that did? It showed so many people that who we are is beautiful. This is our life, our face, how our kids and spouse and the people who love us see us every day. And it is beautiful.

I love being in a business that encourages people not to cover up, but instead gives them the skin care tools to feel confident in themselves… so much so that they are willing to bare all to thousands on social media!

What is BuildOn?
On Friday, all the selfie takers raised over $300,000 for the BuildOn program, one of Rodan + Fields flagship charities we support so often. This money raised was enough for R+F to help BuildOn build an entirely new educational program in a new city (to be announced in October) that will help underserved youth.  You can learn more about BuildOn at

Every 26 seconds a kid drops out of high school, but 94% of BuildOn students not only graduate from High School, but go on to college.


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