How to build an empire… by being yourself


AAEAAQAAAAAAAASYAAAAJDI4MjgwZTI0LTE4MjAtNDk0NC1iMTRlLTFkMGY3ZWM0ZDllNgSo I saw this first meme and loved the text. But, the photo really wasn’t me… the lipstick, shades, looking cool in general.

Then I found this picture my daughter took of me on my phone. Now THIS is the real me building an empire… pregnant, t-shirt, messy kitchen, and kids stealing my phone.

As much as I want to look like the first picture, let’s be real. When you are working to build a business in part time hours around your family, in and out of ALL the things on your to do list… lipstick and shades are pretty unrealistic.

Most days, however, I FEEL like that girl in the first picture. Confident, poised, put together, ready to take on the world. And I bet when I talk to a customer or business partner on the phone or via facebook messenger, they THINK I look that put together. Little do they know, I most likely am in my yoga pants wondering where I put my cup of coffee two hours ago.

But isn’t that what matters most in building your empire? You don’t need to be this thing of perfection to do well. You need to be YOU. I run a business from my kitchen counter, around your family, no lipstick required. I put in super part time hours, making the most important things in my life my priority.  Now THIS is the BEST way to build an empire, in my opinion.

Why? Do my customers want to buy skin care from some piece of perfection? No. They want to buy skin care from me. Because the like me. Trust me. They know I am like them. If Rodan + Fields skin care can help my skin look great… (an average woman, with a hectic life, just like theirs. Not a piece of perfection) then they know it can help theirs too.

Do my business partners and future business partners want to join a piece of perfection in business. Probably not. If I seemed perfect, it makes them feel like they need to be perfect to be in this business. Do I know my stuff. Yes, I do! Did I learn it in the nooks and crannies of my day, on my couch at night watching Jimmy Fallon and reading up on skin, yes, I did. That’s something everyone can do.

In my direct sales business, I want to set an example for all that no matter what your life is filled with… kids, a full-time job, hobbies, housework…. YOU CAN do this business. No matter what you look like, feel like, act like… YOU CAN do this business. Your customers, your network… they want YOU. Not some version of you that you think you can be.

BUILD YOUR EMPIRE by being YOU, no matter what YOU is.

If you’d like to build your empire with me in Rodan + Fields, the direct sales company I work with, I’d love to connect. Or if you just want to chat and ask questions about how I make this work, please don’t hesitate to reachout! Shoot me a message or email me at

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