Product Spotlight -Acne fighter Unblemish


School starts in about a month. And this always makes me think of acne. Seems like a weird correlation, but I see so many teens and tweens going to school with such a lack of confidence thanks to acne and breakouts. And it’s not just teens. I know adults into their 50s that struggle with blemishes (myself included!!!)Michaela Unblemish Before & After.jpg

So, every year before school I share a lot about Rodan + Fields acne fighting regimen Unblemish. This is my favorite of all our regimens because it was the very first Rodan + Fields product I used as I was one of those adults who struggled with acne. And it was embarrassing. So I know exactly how those teens going back to school feel.

A little about Unblemish:

  • Four step multi-med therapy regimenunblemish-clarifying-large
    • Sulfur wash draws out oil and acne out and helps get rid of blackheads
    • Clarifying toner helps prep skin and clear breakouts
    • Dual intensive acne treatment is formulated with benzoyl peroxide, a powerful acne fighter
    • Oil control sunscreen moisturizes, protects, and minimizes overproduction of oil

One thing I really love about Unblemish is that it uses a multi-med therapy. The right ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order to deliver really effective results. It treats from multiple different angles.

I also appreciate the time and research they put into this product. For example, the Dual Intensive Acne Treatment comes in a two-pump system. This allows the benzoyl peroxide to stay separate from other ingredients (when bp is mixed with other ingredients, it ends up breaking down) so it stays at its highest potency each and every time you apply it.

Finally, I appreciate the price. Unblemish is a premium skin care product but at an affordable price. When I was struggling with acne, I did the math…

  • All the products I tried that didn’t work that I couldn’t return – Over $200
  • A visit to the dermatologist – $95
  • Prescriptions (that didn’t work) over $150

That all adds up. And that’s not counting my continual frustration with acne either! Unblemish retails at $171, Preferred Customer price of $155. And it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so I could try it for two months until the bottles were empty and if it didn’t work could send it back for a full refund. Plus it usually last longer than 60 days. I usually end up ordering just two of the four steps every 2-3 months.

But, I can talk about how great Unblemish is, but I’d rather show you. My own personal results from Unblemish are show above, and below are results from some of my customers. If you have a teen going back to school, please consider this for them. Or if you were like me, an adult frustrated with breakouts, consider it for yourself.

Please feel welcome to reach out to me with questions or for more info. I would so love to help. You can also visit for details.

Unblemish LK Unblemish 4 months

This is my college bestie. She had struggled with acne since we met. Before she started Unblemish she was on two topical steroids and one oral medication. None were working.

Ashli Davidson Unblemish

This is my friend and fellow R+F teammate Ashli. She self-admittedly got lazy in her regimen use over the summer. Her acne came back. She recommitted to Unblemish and in just a month her breakouts were gone.

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