Friendships are the best part


I think people say that a lot… the friendships are the best part… when it comes to an array of things they are involved in. Until now, I’ve never had that. I’ve never had the best part of any job, organization, activity, etc. be the friendships. I was always in for other reasons. But with my career in direct sales, it turns out the friendships are the best part.

They aren’t the reason I joined. No. I joined for extra income and time freedom and flexibility. But they are the reason I stayed.

When I started this business I got off to a really fast start. Then I stalled. I got stuck. I 1936226_10101813199959835_6203385102234714261_ndidn’t move forward for over a year. It was tough on me. I’m a big go-getter. Very success driven. I normally probably would have said… okay.. I gave it a try. It didn’t go where I wanted to go so now I’m done. But, I didn’t. Why? The friendships.

I couldn’t leave the people. These women that I was working with were more than upline, than downline, than business partners and teammates. They were the people that I texted when I was having a rough business day or an awesome business day. They were the women I ran too when my kids were driving me crazy and I needed some reassurance as a mom. They were the women who were there for me when we went through two miscarriages. They took up the reigns in my business when I needed some time off. These women have turned into more than just Rodan + Fields Consultants but have turned into some of my best friends.

I’ve realized over these past 3 1/2 years that these women are the reason for my success in this business and in life. I couldn’t do any of this with out them.

We just returned from a little getaway with just a few of these teammates. It was just 24 hours but they refreshed my business, my stressed mind, and my soul.

If you are getting into a direct sales company, please take a look at the team culture. It will be critical to your lasting success. You spend many hours of your week with these people, helping these people, sharing with these people, doing everything with these people. They need to be people you love in more than just your business hours but in your life. It will make your experience one of the best in your life.



One thought on “Friendships are the best part

  1. It’s so interesting that you write this! I also felt like this about my ex-colleagues and I miss them dearly. They became good friends and I hope that I did to them too. We spend so mich time at work and it’s important that we have that support network 😊


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