Showing my little girls they can do ANYthing


This still brings tears to my eyes even just thinking about it…

So a few days ago, I came out of my bedroom from getting ready for an event. Evie had all these chairs set up with all her stuffed animals on them.

IMG_8192“Evie, what are you doing?”

“I’m getting ready for a presentation like you mom.”

Then she sat on the chair and asked if I would give them all my presentation. So of course I say yes and give them my little kid/stuffed animal version of what I would be presenting that night. Then Luke started to cry for food so I sat down to nurse Luke and I asked Evie…

“Evie, do YOU want to give us a presentation?”

And her eyes just lit up and she nodded. So, with me nursing my baby and Josie and all her stuffed animals watching, Evie stood at the front of the room and gave us a presentation of her own, beaming with pride.

IMG_8194I sit there with tears in my eyes and my heart full of gratitude.

THIS is why I do the job that I do. I get to be at home nursing my baby while still showing my little girls that they can do ANYTHING. That she can stand up in front of a room of people and speak and share and teach and inspire and be brave. That she can rock her babies all day AND be a career women and succeed.

Be still my heart. THIS is what you were meant to do, for you, for your babies, for your daughters, for your family. This, THIS is what Rodan + Fields is all about.

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