The first day of future days


Today was the first day of school for my first born. She has been waiting for kindergarten for soooo long and it was finally here. Just getting to see her joy as she walked into her classroom put a smile in my heart all day long.

Two things happened to me today on this first day of school that I wasn’t prepared for… overwhelming gratitude and the gift of time.

I was so thankful today that I got to take her to school this morning and give her a hug goodbye, then pick her up and hear all about her day on the car ride home. And then get to do the same tomorrow and not have to worry about taking time off work or if she got home okay. Thankful that I can volunteer in her classroom whenever I want, that I can be the mom that can pick up her friends if their parents get stuck at work late or there is a snow day. How blessed that my job gives me the ultimate flexibility to enjoy my kiddos first days and all the days after that without restriction.

I was also blessed with the gift of extra time. I know I can’t add hours to my day, but it felt like that happened today. With my oldest in kindergarten and my baby taking three naps a day, I got some extra undivided time to spend with my almost three year old. Time that I have never really gotten before. We got to practice her letters, sing songs, and just chit chat. I got to see more of her own individual personality come out instead of her always trying to be like her older sister. I had more patience and more calm with her today because our home wasn’t so hectic. It was so nice to just see her for her. How blessed to get the gift of a little extra time with one we love.

This first day of school wasn’t just a first for my daughter, but a first for me. A first in truly seeing how this little direct sales job has made such a huge impact on just one day of our lives and being able to now see the ripple effect it will have on all the future days. What a blessing.

~ Michaela

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