4 key attributes to look for when choosing a direct sales company


In a sea of hundreds of direct sales companies, how do you find one right for you? Most are good, but finding one with these key attributes will help you get off on a strong foot and develop long term success in direct sales.

1.     Trusted brand

Find a company that has a good reputation in the direct sales industry as well as in their niche industry. A company with a recognized name and respected history will help you gain trust with your potential customers. The direct sales company I work for, Rodan + Fields, was the creator of Proactiv, the number one global acne treatment system. The company had a proven track record in the skin care industry before it launched its newest company in direct sales.

2.     Social commerce-driven

The way consumers buy has drastically changed Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.44.46 PMover the years. We now shop largely
online and get our product recommendations from friends on social media. Products that are able to be purchased from your company’s website and shipped directly to your customer’s door not only provide the convenience customers desire, it allows you to grow your business anywhere in Canada and beyond. The company you choose should also allow you to take advantage of social media to market to your potential customers.

3.     Consumable product

Your customer buys your product, loves it, uses it up, then returns to you to purchase more. Having a consumable product creates repeat sales and repeat income for you without much additional effort. This was one of my driving factors in choosing a skin care company. Skin care is something everyone needs and uses up often, creating a great residual revenue stream.

4.     Growth potential

Has the company seen steady growth over the past five years? Does it have plans to expand into new regions, provinces, or countries? What are the projections for not only the company, but the product industry? Rodan+Fields just recently expanded from the US to Canada with plans to continue global expansion in upcoming year. The global anti-aging skin care market is expected to be $259 billion in 2015. Knowing this growth potential of the company you choose is critical to your long term success.

Finding a company with these four attributes can get you off to a great start in choosing a direct sales company. Also check out the Direct Selling Association for information, resources, and companies in good standing in the direct sales industry.

As always, I’m so happy to connect with you if you have any questions about direct sales or Rodan + Fields! I’d love to chat. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

~ Michaela

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