What’s on my heart today


A little bit of my hubby and my heart coming out in this post….

My husband and I have been chatting a lot these past few months as we’ve been on this journey to earning a Lexus. In Rodan + Fields, when you do well they reward you with a free vehicle. It’s exciting and magical and so much fun. But, what has been weighing heavy on us is that here we are, getting to soon be driving this luxury vehicle and there are people in our community and in this world who don’t have food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over their head. This injustice is not lost on us.

So we have been thinking about how we can create something more with this Lexus. R+F pays for consultants Lexus lease up to $750. So we decided that each month when we get that Lexus lease paid for we are going to match it and make the same donation to a charity or organization that needs it.

On August 31st our team hit 100,000 in total sales! You guys rock!! (Side note: when we hit 125,000 that is when we earn the Lexus) And I looked at my husband and I said… why are we waiting? Really what is holding us back from sharing the Lexus Love now? Do we really need the Lexus in our driveway before we start?

So, yesterday we did what we have been wanting to do for a long time. The local YWCA, that helps women recover from the damaging effects of poverty and violence providing emergency food, safety, shelter, etc, received a gift from Team Live (my R+F team)… $750 worth of their “Urgent Needs” supply. When I dropped it off at the shelter yesterday, I got a hug from the donation coordinator and I am passing it on virtual to you. She said they rarely get urgent need items, but more often just random donations of what people have at home to give, so they were especially thankful.


You guys, this Lexus is so much more than just a car and it is so much more than just mine parked in my driveway. I want my team and my customers to know that everything you do, every person you help get great skin or start their own business, every skin care product you buy from my team, a part of it is going to something bigger. And this is just the start. Thank you to all of my team and supporters for everything you are doing. You mean the world to us, the absolute world.

~ Michaela

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