How much can you really make in Direct Sales?


It makes me a little uneasy to talk money. I mean, I’m a conservative, Catholic North Dakotan… we don’t dare share how much we make! 🙂 But in the business I am in, income is a huge focus.

I left a 50 hour a week job five years ago. I started Rodan + Fields four years ago. Two and a half years ago, I had completely replaced my full-time corporate income. In the next year I’m on track to do that same thing for my husband.


Why do I share this? Because nothing is certain in this world. But I found something that helps makes things for our family a little more secure. And if my sharing R+F can help others feel safe about their financial future like we do, well, then that’s my priority.

FORTUNE Magazine calls Rodan + Fields a “3-5 year retirement plan”. They also call it, “the best kept secret in the business world.”

I have to agree. In no other business other than direct sales can you work 10 hours a week and earn an income that surpasses most full-time incomes. And rarely can you do it in just a few short years. It has changed how my family looks at our future, and it can change yours too.

Click here to view Rodan + Fields Income Disclosure document that shows average salaries of R+F consultants.

I’m still a little nervous to talk money. It goes against my humble roots. But I know sharing the possibilities with others can make those possibilities realities for them. And that makes it worth sharing.

~ Michaela

If you want to get down and dirty with some numbers and income talk, let’s connect. I’m happy share more one on one about how the financials of Rodan + Fields work and get more in depth about income and goals. You know I always love to chat!


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