Business is emotional – and that’s okay


So I’m coming off one of the most emotional weeks in my business I have ever had. And it’s hard for me.

I have always been a very logical, fact based, number cruncher person when it comes to business. I felt emotion was best left at home and reason and logic were meant for work. But then I joined this company. And then I had the week filled with feels.

I realized something. Emotions in business are important. Businesses work with people. People are ruled by their hearts just as much as by their heads. You can’t logic and number your way out of how your business, company, product will make people feel and what it can do for others.

But even more what I realized is that being emotionally invested in your business is what gets you through, what makes you stay, what keeps you going, what allows you to celebrate, and most importantly care for others involved.

This last week was spent in Las Vegas at our national convention. It was a week filled with facts and logic… we learned and trained a ton. It was filled with the numbers I loved… statistics, growth projections, etc. But what had the most impact on me was how I felt.

The entire week I was surrounded by my team. The smartest, most empowering women I have ever had the privilege to work with. And they showed me just how much emotion I was bringing into this business. They shared their dreams, their goals, their hearts with me and how much Rodan + Fields was allowing them to make big changes in themselves, in their families and for others they were now able to serve.

They shared with me their love, their hearts, and what this business truly means to them. And there wasn’t one number or fact or logic in their stories. It was all emotion and heart. And that is what I care most about in this business. My teammates and what Rodan + Fields is doing for them.

And this emotion is what is driving me to work harder, better, stronger. So my work can continue to help them succeed and achieve the dreams they have for themselves. No amount of growing statistics or number one accolades can match the love I feel for this business and my team.

So, I will continue to be a numbers girl and use facts and logic and reason and figures to make smart business decisions, but I won’t let those things overrule my heart. Because being invested in what you do involved both mind and soul. And together it will create a beautiful future.

~ Michaela

This is what just some of my teammates had to say after coming home from our trip together. I just love them dearly.

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