Why do network marketers brag about payday?


So, if you have a network marketing friend in your social media feed, chances are you have seen them make a post expressing their excitement for when they get their paycheck. At first I found it a bit distasteful. Really? You are bragging about how much money you make on facebook?

I’m a midwest girl. That is way out of my comfort zone to talk salaries and money. My grandma would give me ‘the look’ if she ever heard me ask someone how much they make.

But, I realized something lately. I’m starting to get why people in network marketing shout from the rooftops when they get paid. And it’s not really about the money. I still don’t think I’ll every be able to be so bold as to shout about my paycheck from the rooftops, but I do now understand why sharing what these paychecks have done for me and others is so important.

Here are my thoughts…

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