How $500 can pay for college


Today, a kind older gentleman at the grocery store made me take a good hard look at my future for me and my kids.

As we were walking out with a full cart and three kids hanging on, the man said… “Aw, you should have more babies.” I smiled and said “We’ll see!” But in my head I said… “How in the heck would I put them all through college!”

So, it made me think. What will college cost for my 3 kids?

Average tuition + room a board at the University of North Dakota, my alma mater, for IMG_3780 (1).JPGone year: $20,167

So for 4 years (2 years in the dorms):

x3 kids =

Ummm…. hang on while I pick my jaw up off the floor….

But, after the shock, I broke it down backwards. I have 13 years to save that. So that breaks down to $13,063 per year. Still making me want to cry a little. So, I broke it down some more. If I had an extra $500 a month that I invested in a meager 4% investment account for the next 13 years, that would equal about $103,000 saved. With just an extra $500 a month!

For those in Rodan + Fields like me, $500 a month is just 10 customers. If I know 10 people that I can help feel great about their skin, that can pay for two of my kids’ college tuition. I have happy friends loving their skin, kids who get an awesome education, and a less stressed me 13 years from now.

What I love about the direct sales industry is that when people buy from a consultant, they are supporting a family, kids college, things like that. So I thank you to all my customers who are loving their skin and making college tuition possible. And to all of you parents out there with college looming in your future, take a look at this as an option. You can turn a little into big things when you work to help others.

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