How $500 can pay for college


Today, a kind older gentleman at the grocery store made me take a good hard look at my future for me and my kids.

As we were walking out with a full cart and three kids hanging on, the man said… “Aw, you should have more babies.” I smiled and said “We’ll see!” But in my head I said… “How in the heck would I put them all through college!”

So, it made me think. What will college cost for my 3 kids?

Average tuition + room a board at the University of North Dakota, my alma mater, for IMG_3780 (1).JPGone year: $20,167

So for 4 years (2 years in the dorms):

x3 kids =

Ummm…. hang on while I pick my jaw up off the floor….

But, after the shock, I broke it down backwards. I have 13 years to save that. So that breaks down to $13,063 per year. Still making me want to cry a little. So, I broke it down some more. If I had an extra $500 a month that I invested in a meager 4% investment account for the next 13 years, that would equal about $103,000 saved. With just an extra $500 a month!

For those in Rodan + Fields like me, $500 a month is just 10 customers. If I know 10 people that I can help feel great about their skin, that can pay for two of my kids’ college tuition. I have happy friends loving their skin, kids who get an awesome education, and a less stressed me 13 years from now.

What I love about the direct sales industry is that when people buy from a consultant, they are supporting a family, kids college, things like that. So I thank you to all my customers who are loving their skin and making college tuition possible. And to all of you parents out there with college looming in your future, take a look at this as an option. You can turn a little into big things when you work to help others.


You don’t have to change to do this


398158_10150542972256052_1225312895_nThis first pictures was 5 years ago. I was doing what I loved. Presenting for our Young Professionals organization to a ballroom filled with hundreds of people and sharing an amazing vision for what lied ahead for our community and its business leaders.


13902576_10101909824688105_4266820421790908425_nThis second picture was last year. I had left my corporate job in economic development and jumped into network marketing with Rodan + Fields. Most people thought I was crazy.  CRAZY! (so did I a little) But, I knew I was smart and I saw the opportunity.

And look, here I am, still getting to do what I love. Presenting in front of a room of hundreds of people and share an amazing vision for what lies ahead for my family, my teammates, and our company of business leaders.

I still am doing what I love. And now I get to do it on my terms. Around my family. Make more money. Provide an even better future. And dream bigger.

The moral of this story is, you don’t have to give things up to do this. You don’t have to change what you love to do this. You just have to BE YOU to do this and to have a big dream that you are willing to go after.

If you have been thinking network marketing might be a path for you, you know I’d love to connect! Reach out to me at

Thinking differently can make bigger things happen


We just achieved a major milestone…. 1 Million in sales in 2016. I can’t believe it myself. But it happened, and hit happened because we thought DIFFERENTLY. We stepped out of the box when starting a business.

Here is how…

Are you starting a business? It needs to be online.


Headlines these past weeks announced Macy’s, Kmart, and Sears are closing stores. The Limited “closes all 250 stores, but their website will stay open for business.” More and more major retailers are admitting that the power of E-Commerce is stronger than traditional brick & mortar.
Stores across the country are closing. In my hometown, I just heard Macy’s is closing it’s doors, laying off 53 employees. If you are in any kind of retail business, it is a time of uncertainty…. unless you are moving toward online sales.

Times are changing. Where did you do most of your holiday shopping this year? I went to one store for one gift. The rest of my shopping was online. We are creating this change. We love the ease of ordering from our phone at night sitting on the couch watching TV. We love that things get delivered right to our door. Online shopping is a trend that won’t be leaving soon.

So, what does that mean for those wanting to start a business?

You need to be online.

Many people thought I was a little crazy for starting an online business a few years ago. The idea of network marketing was a little out of the box still, but the fact that Rodan + Fields was a completely digital business is what made me take the leap. I knew the online shopping industry was only going to grow.

Click here to read the article Millennials, Hispanics and Online Sales Are Fueling Growth in $25 Billion Dollar Cosmetics and Skincare Market.
And that has been proven over and over again these past few weeks and even years with stores closing. But it isn’t just shoppers moving to the online trend. Business owners love the model too.
Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.22.48 PM.png
It means that we can have customers not just in one town, but all over the country and the world. It means we don’t have to stock inventory, pay employees, rent, electricity, pricey insurance, and more. It allows us flexibility and time freedom. It allows us to best leverage growing social media marketing. The list goes on.

If you are looking to start your own business, definitely think digital. And I also highly recommend looking into a digital direct sales company. It is the way commerce is moving. You can either stand by and watch or ride the wave.

~ Michaela

As always, I would love to connect and am always happy to discuss with you if the Rodan + Fields opportunity or network marketing may be a right fit for you!

All the details to start your own R+F business


If you’ve considered starting your Rodan + Fields business and want to learn more, I’d like to invite you to join us at 8p Central Time to hear more about how this business works, what you would do as a consultant, and to get all of your questions answered all in one place.

You will get to hear from myself and my teammate via live Facebook video stream so you can ask questions in the comments and get them answered in real time!

We love sharing what we do and helping others discover if this business is the right fit for them. We look forward to having you take part!

The event is private so to get added to the group, like or comment on this post or find me on facebook and send me a message and I will send you your invitation.

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Haven’t found your passion? That’s okay.


I’m exhausted. Exhausted from searching. It’s like a never ending game of hide and seek. My “passion” that I am supposed to be finding… it’s lost.

And I decided today that I’m done looking for it.

Okay, maybe that sounds a little extreme. Or maybe like I’m giving up. But I had a realization this week and I’m giving myself grace and embracing the seasons.

I have been feeling the pressure lately, and I think so many others are feeling it too. The pressure by society, by life coaches, by social media to find our passion. To do the “thing” we were put on this earth to do. To love every second of doing what we are doing and do it for the rest of our lives! Even as a kid we get asked… What do you want to be when you grow up?

Well, what if we don’t know? Or what if we thought we knew, but now things have changed? What if we are doing our passion but in a few years things change?

I realized that our passion isn’t something that needs to be found then held on to forever. Our passions are seasons. They come, they go, they change. We enjoy them and we look forward to the next.

When I was little, I thought my passion was Archeology. Loved it. I wanted to sit and dig in the dirt forever. Um… yeah, I’ve never been an archeologist.

But after college my passion was events. I loved the planning. I loved going to my job very


Doing what I love, planning events. This one was a local winter triathlon.

day and thrived on the excitement and pressure of launching a successful event. But then a new opportunity came up and I switch careers and through my new career I found a love for community and helping it grow, especially in the area of young professionals. I dove in. I dedicated my job and my free time to making our community better for young people. I had plans of service on city council and foundations and boards. I was making a big impact in our city and how leadership was developed.

Then,  I had a baby. Oh, how things changed. My passion became my children. I left my


Featured in our city’s women’s magazine for my passion.

job. Dove into motherhood. Made homemade baby food and started a family blog. I wanted a bit of a career too. I stayed a little involved in the community and young professionals organizations and was out to prove I could be a stay-at-home mom and a community leader too.

So far, that has been a lot of seasons of different passions I’ve been through. And now I am in another season. That of direct sales with Rodan + Fields. I’m motivated to help so many other business men and women succeed and still be able to be an at-home mom.

Until the other day I used the think that I still was searching for my passion. The one thing that was mine forever. Was it Rodan + Fields? Was it something else I should be doing? What do I love? What do I desire most?


My current passion.. My Rodan + Fields job, inspiring others to follow their dreams and how they can do it through direct sales.

These questions made me feel so pressured. Like a failure for being in my 30s and maybe not have even found my passion yet. So, that’s when I gave up looking. Why was I searching? I realized all those things that I had done in my past and the career I have now… They all were my passions! I don’t have to be stuck to one thing. I am a human being. The best part about being human is the ability to change!

Our passions are seasons. We find what we love. We enjoy every minute of it. And, it better be something we are learning from, growing in. And if it is, well then, it only makes sense that we grow out of it! We learn more, become more, new things happen to ourselves and our lives, and we take a different path that leads us to a new love! The new perfect passion for this time in our lives.

All the passions I’ve had before have lead me to this current season in direct sales. It is the perfect fit for me. Allowing for the love of my family and call to be home with them yet feeding my entrepreneurial soul. I am thriving in this field! Do I look forward and wonder if this season will end? Possibly. It may. I don’t know when. Or maybe it will evolve. Lead me to another integral piece of my passion.

Ahhhhh. I feel like I can breathe again! The pressure is off! There is no push to find this unattainable perfect passion I am “supposed” do to for the rest of my life. I am going to stop and enjoy the season I am in. Enjoy the current passion I have found. And when the day comes when things shift and change, I will grow with them and explore new passions. I hope to experience many of these seasons throughout my life and look forward to them all.

Here’s to you and the passion your are in now and the passions yet to come! Enjoy your season!

~ Michaela

Please share with me your passions. What season are you in? What are you looking for? What are you enjoying? If you think you might find a season in the field of direct sales, please reach out! I’d love to chat more with you about it! If you want to see more of my journey, follow me on facebook.

Getting past the mental roadblock: How to work hard and work less


I grew up on a North Dakota farm… grain, milk cows, beef cattle… the works. We worked really hard. My parents especially. They put in blood, sweat, and tears for every penny they earned and oftentimes for many pennies they didn’t even end up getting if it was a bad year.


My wonderful, hard working parents on the farm.

As kids, we learned a lot about money by watching our parents. And what we learned was that money was two things:

  1. Always worked hard for
  2. Never talked about publicly

Those lessons have stayed with me. I by no means work as hard as my parents did and still do on the farm. But I do have a great work ethic and my time is always spent wisely. But, in my new job in direct sales I’ve found myself struggling a bit with this life lesson.

Direct sales is a field that grows residual income not linear income. Instead of being paid a dollar for every hour you put in, you put in hard work up front then watch your dollars grow even with out having to put in more work. It’s a feeling I really had to get used to. Don’t get me wrong, I work really hard in my Rodan + Fields side gig. I have time for about 10 hours a week and in those 10 hours I am putting the peddle to the metal. I am proud of that. But what goes against the lessons learned in my youth is that this hard work now (and from months and years before) is beginning to allow me to work less hard, work less hours… yet, make more money.

It’s a little bit of an adjustment for a girl who grew up often working sun up to sun down and sometimes not making anything. It is a little bit of a mental roadblock for me. I can spend a weekend relaxing with my family, watching movies and playing with kids, and my income is ticking upward, paycheck growing, and I didn’t lift a finger for it over the last 48 hours. Umm… this farmer’s daughter feels a little guilt. Sometimes a lot of guilt.

But then, at the same time, I feel smart. Smart because isn’t that the goal? Work harder, work smarter, and inspire and teach other to do the same so that you can do what matters most… spend time with your family doing the things you love? I know in my head and heart that I am on the right path, doing the right thing. I worked very hard to get where I am in direct sales. I put in blood, sweat and tears for my customers, my teammates, myself. I just happened to do it in a business channel that allows that hard work to grow, beyond the work and hours I need to put in to do so. I lead my team, they lead theirs, they grow, we grow, it all compounds. And here I am still putting in the same 10 extra side gig hours a week, still hustling in those hours, but having my income grow by hundreds of percentages.

Can you feel in my writing the back and forth I’m feeling in my mind?

I was talking with my friend who just happens to be a psychologist and a money coach. She shared that so many people struggle with this roadblock, like me. So many, especially in rural farming communities, grew up working for every penny, and that work ethic was able to make us financially smart, allow us to see the value in a direct sales career and how our hard work can reward us ten-fold. We also grew up keeping our income and financial success or hardship or anything money related to ourselves. So any outward sign of wealth was kept hidden.

So, when we succeed in direct sales, and need to share this success to help and inspire others, it feels against our nature. When we get to take a day or a week off work or a lifetime off the 40 hour a week grind, we feel uncomfortable. We don’t know what to do with our hard-working selves.

My money coach friend smiled at me. She told me I knew that what I was doing was smart. That I knew I was working hard. And that I needed to shed just that small part of money-lessons bestowed upon me as a youth. Keep the work ethic, the humility, the hustle. Throw off the guilt and be joyous and grateful to have found a career where hard work multiplies income. And then, when I feel restless, in need of some good hard work, I now have the ability to spend that time freedom I earned to dedicate my new hours of hard work to others in need.

Thank you to my parents for instilling in me the money lessons you did. Thank you Rodan + Fields for allowing me to use those lessons to grow my business and help others do the same and use my extra hours to still do hard work, just serving others.

~ Michaela

                  I always love to connect. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if this post resonated with you!                     I’d love to hear from you, share stories, talk ideas.