You don’t have to change to do this


398158_10150542972256052_1225312895_nThis first pictures was 5 years ago. I was doing what I loved. Presenting for our Young Professionals organization to a ballroom filled with hundreds of people and sharing an amazing vision for what lied ahead for our community and its business leaders.


13902576_10101909824688105_4266820421790908425_nThis second picture was last year. I had left my corporate job in economic development and jumped into network marketing with Rodan + Fields. Most people thought I was crazy.  CRAZY! (so did I a little) But, I knew I was smart and I saw the opportunity.

And look, here I am, still getting to do what I love. Presenting in front of a room of hundreds of people and share an amazing vision for what lies ahead for my family, my teammates, and our company of business leaders.

I still am doing what I love. And now I get to do it on my terms. Around my family. Make more money. Provide an even better future. And dream bigger.

The moral of this story is, you don’t have to give things up to do this. You don’t have to change what you love to do this. You just have to BE YOU to do this and to have a big dream that you are willing to go after.

If you have been thinking network marketing might be a path for you, you know I’d love to connect! Reach out to me at


R+F Review: I’m not a skincare type of person…


Young beauty blogger, Arctic Sabrina, gives her candid thoughts on some of Rodan + Fields products. I love that she has a unique perspective as a young adult and someone who isn’t “really a skin-care type of person” as she refers to herself. It is great to hear a perspective from someone who has a very neutral stance on skin care.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Rodan + Fields, Sabrina!


I’m not going to lie to you, I’m really not a skincare type of person. That’s not to say I don’t have my fair amount of issues with my skin – it’s incredibly sen…

Source: Beauty | Rodan + Fields Review

A special deal just for my followers!


Hello, my followers! Rodan + Fields has their most amazing skin care deal ever going on right now. And, I am offering something else special along with it just for you, my followers! So if you have been thinking about getting something for your journey to great skin, this is the best way to start!

Right now, Rodan + Fields is giving a FREE box of Acute Care patches when you get your Redefine – AMP Roller bundle! And my special gift to you….

….When you purchase this bundle, I’m gifting you a free Redefine Multi-function Eye Cream! ($54 value!)

13924867_10101913380701825_2440248687457889806_nOur Redefine Regimen and AMP Roller tool is our most advanced and powerful anti-aging system. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, and sagging/drooping. As well as improves skin’s texture, tone, and brightness. And does so very quickly!

And now when you buy that Redefine – AMP Roller bundle, you get a FREE box of Acute Care Patches. An over $200 value. Our Acute Care patches allow you get rid of stubborn expression lines almost instantly… crows feet, smile lines, forehead wrinkles, and eye brown creases. Just place a patch over the trouble area over night. Customers see the wrinkle diminished in as little as one to three uses!

This special ends September 30th or until supplies last. But… supplies are currently running low. If you want this free deal, I suggest getting it before the end of August to guarantee you will be able to get your hands on one!13740911_318719015183949_2094327682_n

The Details:
Cost: $283 Preferred Customer, $314 Retail
Acute Care: Free ($220 value!)
Eye Cream: Free ($54 value)
The Best Skin of Your Life: Priceless

Email, text, call, or facebook message me to get in on this deal asap! And, if you refer a friend to this deal they get a bonus free eye cream from me, too!

I look forward to helping you get great skin!



Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.14.50 AM.png

This is Kristin. She used R+F’s Multi-Function Eye Cream under one eye for three weeks. Can you guess which eye?

Showing my little girls they can do ANYthing


This still brings tears to my eyes even just thinking about it…

So a few days ago, I came out of my bedroom from getting ready for an event. Evie had all these chairs set up with all her stuffed animals on them.

IMG_8192“Evie, what are you doing?”

“I’m getting ready for a presentation like you mom.”

Then she sat on the chair and asked if I would give them all my presentation. So of course I say yes and give them my little kid/stuffed animal version of what I would be presenting that night. Then Luke started to cry for food so I sat down to nurse Luke and I asked Evie…

“Evie, do YOU want to give us a presentation?”

And her eyes just lit up and she nodded. So, with me nursing my baby and Josie and all her stuffed animals watching, Evie stood at the front of the room and gave us a presentation of her own, beaming with pride.

IMG_8194I sit there with tears in my eyes and my heart full of gratitude.

THIS is why I do the job that I do. I get to be at home nursing my baby while still showing my little girls that they can do ANYTHING. That she can stand up in front of a room of people and speak and share and teach and inspire and be brave. That she can rock her babies all day AND be a career women and succeed.

Be still my heart. THIS is what you were meant to do, for you, for your babies, for your daughters, for your family. This, THIS is what Rodan + Fields is all about.

Be You – Quote to Remember


Beauty-Begins-the-Moment-You-Decide-to-Be-YourselfMy fellow blogger Elize About Beauty nominated me to post one of my favorite quotes.

I have a few, but being that this blog focuses on my business in the beauty industry, I choose this favorite from Coco Chanel.

I love it for two reasons. First, with my company Rodan + Fields, we want our skin care to help women feel like they can shed their foundation and makeup and go out into the world as their true selves. We give the gift of confidence and self-esteem in your appearance. We want you to love being you!

The second reason I love this quote is that being yourself is my number one mantra when I coach my R+F teammates. We share our products and our business with so many people. Those people don’t want to hear what someone told you to say. They don’t want to know how R+F helped someone else’s skin. They don’t want to support another random person in their R+F business. They want to talk with YOU about R+F. All of you. They want to hear YOUR story, YOUR message, YOUR skin care journey. They want to support YOU and your dreams.

In this business, the second you stop being yourself, sounding like you, acting like you, talking to people like you would normally talk to them whether it is about R+F skin care or the weather, people turn away from you. Sure, in sales we learn a lot about how to share our products with others… the best way to describe them, to teach them, to respond to questions others ask. But always, ALWAYS I encourage my team to first and foremost… BE YOU. Being authentic and genuine and honest will get you more customers and business partners than any sales technique ever will.

Thank you Elize for the nomination. Kuddos to all my teammates and fellow direct sales business men and woman who are staying true to yourself and showing your real beauty. We love you for it!

~ Michaela


Expanding to Australia!


I have always wanted to take a trip to Australia. And now, not only can I go there but I can call it work. How fun of a job is this?!

ce7367844d141d3b5c9ceb57f6f8b48dLast fall, Rodan + Fields announced plans to begin its launch in Australia in 2016. And we have today just begun the first steps into bringing our clinical skin care and business opportunity to the land down under!

Official opening of R+F in Australia will be this Autumn with pre-launch.

So, why does this make me so excited? Well, of course the chance to travel to this beautiful country, but even more so for the opportunity to share R+F with others and help them like R+F helped me.

If you’ve read my story or watched my video on why I got started in Rodan + Fields, you know how blessed I feel to be a part of this company and how it has truly made such a big impact on me and my family financially and beyond. My favorite part of this business is getting to give that gift of opportunity to others. And for Australians looking to start an entrepreneurial adventure for themselves, now is the perfect time to think about Rodan + Fields.

It’s not everyday that you get to become a part of a ground floor opportunity yet not have the risk that comes with a start-up. What works so well for new Australian R+F consultants is that they have the opportunity to be FIRST in their country starting this business, yet they have a super solid company with years of experience behind them. Essentially, all the kinks have already been worked out, all the best practices and training programs and platforms already been created and tested and used extensively. So, Australians get the best of both worlds… first in with long term stability attached! That is such a rarity.

There is so much I want to share about our new launch and this amazing business and products, but this is a blog not a book. 🙂 So, all I will say is this… If you are from Australia or know someone who is, shoot me a message. I’m just starting to identify potential business partners and customers for our Australian expansion.  I’m committed to finding the right people to pour my knowledge and love and experience into and help them grab a piece of the Australian skin care market and help others do the same. I’d love to start exploring if this might be a good fit for you or someone you know.

If you want a little bit of info to get you started you can check out our landing page for our Australian launch at

I’d love to connect! I’m so excited for all my Australian friends and new friends yet to meet!

~ Michaela

PS: Want to meet our new Australia General Manager? Here is a message from Mel Seitz.