Does your team bring you joy? Or is it breeding discontentment?


So we had a little hecticness last night on my team and everyone felt a little frazzled. But instead of letting it continue to build, to deepen, or to hinder any continue success, my team filled it with joy.

A morning message feed today was filled with silly selfies, poking fun, and sharing love. If your team, your coworkers, your job isn’t bringing joy to you daily, something is disconnected.

Teammates who continue to dwell on a negative situation only make it worse. Coworkers who criticize or complain bring down moral which leads to less productivity and engagement. An environment that allows discontent to breed is extremely difficult to spend your day in. And then, where does all that go? Home with you. It spreads to your family, your hobbies, your friends, your life.

We spend a huge amount of time with our team. Sometimes a little hecticness happens. But through that, make sure they, and YOU, are spreading joy. It seeps into all corners and moves everyone forward to success!

~ Michaela

These wonderful ladies are just a few who were making my morning great. 🙂

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